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1.See locations of Sheetz stations with $3.99 gas through July 4th

The reduced prices are effective immediately, with Unleaded 88 marked down to $3.99 a gallon. Unleaded 88 gas can be used in ...

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2.Sheetz lowering some gas prices through the July 4 holiday weekend

For the July 4th holiday, Sheetz is dropping prices on two types of gas to help drivers save money at the pump. Effective ...

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3.Sheetz lowering the price of two types of gas

Ahead of the holiday weekend, two types of gas will cost less than $4 a gallon, but not all locations offer these types of ...

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4.Ohio Sheetz $3.99 gas: Will it damage your car?

A strategy from a regional gas station chain has it lowering prices to a steal compared with the current average in central ...

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5.Sheetz says it's lowering some gas prices for limited time

Sheetz says the prices are effective immediately, and continuing "through the July 4th holiday travel season." ...

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6.Sheetz offers $3.99 gas for July 4 holiday – but is it safe for your car?

Convenience store chain Sheetz has lowered prices to a steal for the July 4 holiday weekend, but not all cars are eligible to ...

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7.What you need to know about Sheetz’s $4 gas discount — and where you can get it in the Lehigh Valley

Sheetz will offer Unleaded 88 for $3.99 per gallon and E85 at $3.49 per gallon through the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

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8.Sheetz drops price of Unleaded 88 gasoline to $3.99 a gallon through July 4 holiday

In addition, E85 will be $3.49 per gallon, Sheetz said Monday. Here's how to tell if your car can use Unleaded 88 or E85 gas.

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9.Unleaded 88, a.k.a. E15: A different type of fuel could help you save at the pump

"The price of E15, or what's called Unleaded 88, can be 5, 10, and sometimes even 30 cents less than the regular gasoline that you may fill up with." That can add up to real savings. But is it safe to ...

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10.Sheetz Lowers Prices of Unleaded 88 and E-85 Gas for Independence Day Weekend

Sheetz will now sell Unleaded 88-octane gas for $3.99 per gallon and E-85 for $3.49 through the July 4th travel season. It’s ...

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11.Sheetz drops price of Unleaded 88 and E85 gasoline through July 4 holiday

Unleaded 88 will cost $3.99 per gallon, while E85 will be $3.49 per gallon, Sheetz said Monday. Here's how to tell if your ...

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12.Sheetz Reduces Unleaded 88 and Flex-Fuel Prices

The price sign at Sheetz on Perry Highway certainly turned heads and drew in an influx of drivers on Monday. "I basically ...

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because all cars manufactured in Australia from 1 January 1986 had to run on unleaded 91 octane fuel. The previous six-cylinder Black motor was unable to do Commodore (VL)

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