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The only thing that happened for being assaulted was that another teacher made an apology note, and the student signed it – with only his initials. It is like a backwards prison system where the guards are put in classroom jail cells and the inmates (3-5% of the Everett student population) harm them, abuse them, and the warden (admin) denies the event to not have to report suspensions to the ...


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1.Local Mom & TikTok influencer pleading for answers in son’s murder

A local mom and TikTok influencer -- is pleading for answers after he son was shot and killed Friday night in Prichard. It ...

From : FOX10 News

2.Family confirms son of local TikTok star killed in Prichard shooting

Prichard police are investigating a homicide on Saint Stephens Road. The family of the victim confirms he is the son of a ...

From : WFLA on

3.‘What is this behaviour?' Madonna, 63, confuses fans by wearing balaclava in ‘scary’ post

Willoughbyw echoed: “What is happening?” Venus_vfx added: “I’m scared.” And Daria replied: “Mama we scared for u.”(sic) Nevertheless, many fans did come to the superstar’s defence.

From : Daily Express

4.I had no idea I was pregnant until I gave birth on the toilet and heard my baby cry

A British woman has gone viral on TikTok after revealing she had no idea she was pregnant until she gave birth on the toilet.

From : New York Post

5.Little People fans slam Tori Roloff for ‘dangerous’ parenting decision with daughter Lilah, 2, in new clip

Just as Matt was leaving, Tori turned to face her tot and told her to say goodbye to her grandpop and the toddler was not very happy. LPBW fans on Reddit were furious after they saw what happened ...

From : The Sun

6.Alec Baldwin's son rushed to hospital after suffering 'very bad allergic reaction'

Thankfully, the 20-month-old tot is on the mend following the incident ... t want to "bore" her 959k followers with question what happened, but was full of praise for the medical team who helped ...

From : The Mirror

7.oh boy is there a lot going in here

Izuku couldn’t process what had happened. Whether because he didn’t want to or couldn’t handle it, he would never know. However, as he looked at the blood covering his skin and his clothes, he felt a ...

From : Archive of Our Own

8.Dr Amir issues brilliant tip from Mamma Khan that could boost your memory

READ MORE: Cancer: A ‘violent’ feeling after drinking may signal cancer - ‘a mouthful may be enough “So mama Khan was right, I mean she’s always right.” Considered to be a “brain ...

From : Daily Express

9.John Legend tested by baby loss

John Legend was "tested" by the loss of his son. The 'All of Me' hitmaker and his wife Chrissy Teigen were left devastated in September 2020 when the model miscarried their third child, Jack, in ...

From : MSN

10.Tottenham Hotspur FC and Arsenal's bitter relationship history explained

The bitter feud between Tottenham Hotspur FC and Arsenal dates back over 100 years. One of the most famous and eagerly anticipated derby fixtures in the Premier League calendar, the North London Derby ...

From : Daily Star

11.I hate it when bananas go brown too quickly – my simple tip keeps them fresh for way longer using a 1 cent item

WE all know how important it is to get our daily intake of fruits and veggies. The only problem with fresh produce, however, is it often goes bad before we’ve gotten a chance to eat it all.

From : The Sun

Wikipedia sayings about what happened to mama tot

1.List of The Cleveland Show characters

house. In "Mama Drama," Cleveland enlisted Auntie Momma to help him find Dee Dee Tubbs. In a flashback recalled by Dee Dee Tubbs, we are shown what Uncle Kevin of The Cleveland Show characters

2.List of placeholder names by language

enumerations analogously to et cetera, is the colloquial schlag-mich-tot or schieß-mich-tot (literally "strike/shoot me dead", to indicate that the speaker's of placeholder names by language