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All data are preliminary and may change as more reports are received. FluView Interactive. Influenza surveillance data the way you want it. This series of dynamic visualizations allow any Internet user to access influenza information collected by CDC’s monitoring systems.


Bennett duped his voters and his partners. He still isn’t able to look them in the eye, and he won’t be redeemed. Lapid broke the promises he made for years.


To my mind’s eye, Christianity immediately evokes magnificent cathedrals, spires rising into the sky, the play of light through stained glass, and elaborately ornamented architectural detail. I see Jesus on the cross, and indeed crosses everywhere: the cross is a simple symbol, easy to remix into countless variations.


Jerusalem in Motion is a loving, insightful, immersive and celebratory nod to the capital, with a program that addresses this most compelling of cities, from insider and out-of-towner viewpoints


Rudolph Optics 1x20 Footprint. This red dot sight features a modified Aimpoint Micro mounting standard – the recoil notch in the middle of its footprint is missing. Nearly all mounts designed for the Aimpoint Micro mounting standard come with a recoil stopper in the middle, which is why it is nearly impossible to find an aftermarket adapter made by a renowned mounts manufacturer for …

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1.GPO Spectra 1.5-9x441

After a short wait the GPO cleanly spotted and targeted a CWD doe which was harvested humanely. I did test the power range and zero shift if any by shooting a group at differing magnification settings ...

From : Gun Mart

2.Social Security & You: Explaining WEP and GPO

Let me start out by saying that I hope the editors of the various publications that print my column keep the terms “WEP” and “GPO” in the ... about 10% of all workers, mostly in state ...

From : Arizona Daily Star

3.Retrotechtacular: The Mother Of All (British) Demos

One of the most famous lectures in the history of technology was delivered by [Douglas Engelbart] in December 1968, at a San Francisco conference. In it he described for the first time most of ...

From : Hackaday

4.Comic campus novel, serious questions of history in ‘The Netanyahus’

Joshua Cohen marries the Netanyahu family’s misadventures in the U.S. with the campus novel to give us a funny and gripping ...

From : Daily Sabah

5.Polio and me: how my father’s illness shaped our family

Their stilt-like legs, dangling arms and the way they loomed over me all served ... to see beyond their differences and get ...

From : The Times

6.Australian election: Scott Morrison tears up while addressing his church in Sutherland

While his speech at the Fullerton Hotel in Sydney's old GPO on Saturday night was a sombre affair, the father-of-two said he still believes in miracles. 'Three years ago I stood before you and I ...

From : Daily Mail

7.GPO, 5 South Frederick Street, MERCHANT CITY

The entrance hallway is L-Shaped and features eye catching hard wood flooring. Both bedrooms are very good sized double bedrooms, the master of which has an attractive fully tiled en suite with bath ...

From : Rightmove

8.Sosumi Sushi Train

Wagyu teppanyaki, edamame sushi and steaming hot bowls of udon soup are all prepared before your very eyes and will have you thinking you've actually jumped a plane to Japan. Located in the glamorous ...

From : The Urban List

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1.Indonesian National Revolution

Revolution, 1945–50". Country Studies, Indonesia. GPO for the Library of Congress. Friend, Theodore (1988). Blue Eyed Enemy: Japan against the West in Java and National Revolution

2.Chain Home

General Post Office (GPO) that worked at (for that time) very high frequencies. As part of their tests of this system, in June 1932 the GPO published a report Home