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1.Boss blasted over harsh office rule that punishes staff who arrive one minute late

As good as your intentions may well be, most people find themselves late for work every now and then, with hectic school runs and traffic jams often getting in the way of even the most well ...

From : The Mirror

2.How an Organized Republican Effort Punishes Companies for Climate Action

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From : New York Times

3.How Texas punishes companies who ‘discriminate’ against gun manufacturers

A Texas law dictates which firms state agencies can do business with and requires written affirmations to the attorney general ‘No firm should be penalized by pro-gun states like Texas for ...

From : The Guardian

4.Russia punishes officers after conscripts were sent to Ukraine, prosecutor says

LONDON — Russia has prosecuted around a dozen army officers after hundreds of conscripts were sent to fight in Ukraine, a military prosecutor said on Tuesday. We apologize, but this video has ...

From : National Post

5.Massachusetts bishop punishes school over Black Lives Matter, Pride flags

WORCESTER, Mass. — The Diocese of Worcester has told a local middle school that it can no longer identify itself as a Catholic school because it disobeyed the bishop’s order to take down its ...

From : Portland Press Herald

6.Boss slammed over extreme office rule that punishes staff who are 1 minute late

An office manager was slammed for punishing tardy employees. While punctuality is important in the workplace, the penalty for arriving one minute late seems quite extreme. The offending poster reads: ...

From : Daily Star

7.Warriors on brink of NBA title as Wiggins punishes Celtics

From there the Warriors never looked like surrendering the initiative and Wiggins would go on to score 10 points as the Warriors slammed the door to close out a deserved win. rcw/pst ...

From : The Weekly Times

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