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1.Why you might buy your next car online

Online car shopping appeals to a large proportion of all car buyers, even those buying combustion-engine cars through ...

From : The Indian Express

2.10 Most Efficient Cars Sold in America

Or you can just buy a more efficient car. Maybe pick the latter. But which one? Which cars on the market right now are the ...

From : Autoweek

3.The ideal mileage to look for when buying a used car - why low isn’t always best

More info There are many things to be taken into account when buying a used car, but one thing most buyers seem to be ...

From : Daily Express

4.Buying a Vintage Car? Here's What You Need to Know, by Luxury Ride

Buying a vintage car or selling your existing vintage model? We get into a conversation with Luxury Ride to help you out.

From : MSN

5.These Cars Scream 'America' Whenever You See Them

So, to honor the icons of this blessed land, we asked you for the cars that scream “America” whenever they pass you in the ...

From : Jalopnik

6.The best seven-seat cars you can buy with budgets of €10,000 to €50,000 upwards

With all these wee ’uns on the way (or, indeed, already here), we’re going to be needing some cars with extra seats. And that ...

From : The Irish Times

7.Can Indian Students in Canada Buy A Car?

Studying abroad is a popular option among Indian students. While a car can smoothen your daily travel, it comes with its own ...

From : CarBlogIndia

8.How To Reduce Expenditure on Car Purchase Using Tax Rebates, etc

Here is how you could reduce the ownership costs of brand new vehicles using tax benefits and other discounts.

From : CarBlogIndia

9.Man allegedly used fake ID to purchase expensive cars in East Bay

A luxury car dealer in the East Bay has a warning for other businesses about an alleged thief who struck at least twice in ...

From : YAHOO!News

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1.Porsche Boxster/Cayman

Motor Authority – Best Car To Buy 2014 Motor Trend: 2009 Best Driver's Car Playboy Magazine: 2006 Car of the Year Scottish Car of the Year: 2012 Best Boxster/Cayman

2.IAC (company)

original on 2014-11-14. Retrieved 2015-01-15. "InteractiveCorp to buy Hotwire". USA Today. 2003-09-22. Archived from the original on 2014-11-13. Retrieved (company)