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1.Toxic Tropes I Learnt From Bollywood Romantic Films That I Lived To Regret

My idea of perfect romance was mostly based on Hindi romantic movies which are now replaced by traumas that my obsession with Bollywood romance gave me.

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2.Elements of romance genre can be ‘literary comfort food’

Romance tropes have gotten a bad name. The term is seen as derogatory, interchangeable with cliche. But tropes are not cliches, and in fact, can be not only enjoyable, but also quite comforting in ...

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3.Using Tropes When Writing: The Pros And Cons | Writer’s Relief

A trope is a commonly recurring plot or character dynamic that can be recognized across different stories, but is often tweaked to fit each particular ... and can offer you some pros and cons ...

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4.Best Beach Reads of 2022: Top 30 Books to Bring While on Vacation

When the days start to feel a little warmer, you know that means the summer season is upon us! For many, it’s the perfect ...

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5.If You're A Fan Of K-Dramas, These Romance Books Will Hit The Spot

Why you should read it: Estranged best friends is such a good trope, and it always delivers. In Romance Is a Bonus Book, Kang Dan-i and Cha Eun-ho were the best of friends, but then she married and ...

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6.10 Best Romance Anime With Fireworks That Moved Us To Tears

Fireworks in romance anime can be a cause for either celebration or sadness, sometimes both. Whatever the case, tears are ...

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7.She Doesn't Need A Man: Joey King On Turning Damsel-In-Distress Trope On Its Head In 'The Princess'

The Princess' is an upcoming Hollywood film with a new twist to the damsel-in-distress trope. It features 'The Kissing Booth' ...

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8.Feed your rom-com appetite with these 7 K-dramas like ‘Business Proposal’

Got a hankering for K-dramas like Business Proposal? We’ve rounded up a few that will have your ribs tickling and hearts ...

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Wikipedia sayings about which specific romance trope are you

1.Sour (album)

failed romance. The songwriting is characterized by self-aware themes of insecurities, anger, revenge, envy, and jealousy, using detail-specific lyrics (album)

2.Something That May Shock and Discredit You

despite its unusual structure and tone. It was praised for avoiding common tropes related to the subject of gender transition. Lavery's writing career began That May Shock and Discredit You