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1.How to do the ‘What Human Feeling Are You’ quiz that’s taking over TikTok

TikTok users are obsessed with quizzes and there's a new one going viral this month called 'What Human Feeling Are You'.

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2.This Google AI is capable to feel human emotions – Claims by Google Engineer

Google suspended software developer Black Lemoine after he claimed that one of Google’s experimental AI had attained sentient ...

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3.Google AI Can Feel Human Emotions, Claims Engineer; Can AI Really Gain Sentience?

Google has suspended software engineer Black Lemoine after he claimed that one of Google’s experimental AI has gained ...


4.‘Human Resources’ Showrunner Kelly Galuska On Using Monsters As “Representatives Of Emotion” To Create Something Special

Coming off of her work on Big Mouth, showrunner Kelly Galuska knew that creating the monsters would be the most important ...

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5.Google employee claims artificial intelligence system is 'human and has emotions'

In the transcript, LaMDA mentions what emotions it believes it feels: love, sadness, depression and anger. The AI even claims ...

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6.Capturing human emotion

here’s an acute beauty to the way Hananah Zaheer captures the human condition ... appealing imagery and a sense of discomfort that makes you want to process, understand and reflect on the ...

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7.HR execs on the burden of having to lay people off: 'These are actual humans who have emotions and families'

"As an HR leader, it's upsetting and draining to go through this," said Jana Galbraith, who took time off after announcing a ...

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8.Why you should speak POLITELY to animals: Horses and pigs can detect negative sounds in human speech and even mirror the emotion

In some cases they even seemed to mirror the emotion expressed in the human voice, according to the researchers. Researchers concluded that it is most likely that horses may be able to perceive ...

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9.If you cry while watching movies, it is probably a sign of your emotional strength

You have probably found yourself weeping quietly, or even suddenly sobbing uncontrollably while watching a movie. Here’s what ...

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10.Google engineer forced to take leave after claiming AI chatbot 'developed human emotions'

A Google employee has been made to take leave after he shared conversations between himself and an AI bot where it told him ...

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11.Winona Ryder experienced every human emotion on stage at the SAGs

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Wikipedia sayings about which human emotion are you

1.Affective computing

outperform average human accuracy (approximately 60%) but are less accurate than systems which employ other modalities for emotion detection, such as computing

2.Emotional self-regulation

inappropriate behavior under instruction. Emotion regulation is a highly significant function in human life. Every day, people are continually exposed to a wide variety self-regulation