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1.Lizzo Has Broken Her Silence On All The Fan Backlash After She Used An Ableist Slur In ‘GRRRLS’

Lizzo has broken her silence on the backlash she’s been facing following the release of her new song “GRRLS”, which featured ...


2.Lizzo Used An Ableist Slur In Her Latest Single, "Grrrls," And Disability Advocates Are Not Happy About It

Hey @lizzo my disability Cerebral Palsy is literally classified as Spastic Diplegia (where spasticity refers to unending ...

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3.Anti-Flag – Spaz's House Destruction Party lyrics

He asked "Is this the condition this house has always been in?" She answered, "Uh... yeah. It is." ...

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4.Pressure-formed Parabolic Mirror From A Mylar Blanket

Parabolic reflectors are pretty handy devices. Whether you’re building a microwave antenna or a long-distance directional microphone, suitable commercial dishes aren’t that hard to come by.

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5.What a load of 'Bull'

I mean, you've got to be some sort of buffoon to ... NUKE: Democratic? What does democracy have to do with anything these days? When the current president stole the election?

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6.On 'It's Almost Dry,' Pusha T plays the long game

NPR's Ayesha Rascoe speaks with the rapper about making his new album It's Almost Dry, working with Kanye and Pharrell and reflecting on what longevity looks like in hip-hop.

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7.What I Wouldn't Do

The biggest spaz in her graduating class turned out to be a medical badass ... and she tried to sound light, and not necessarily mean because even though Eddie had been nothing but absolutely fucking ...

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8.Love Morty

No need to panic like a spaz. I rapped on the door before I lost my nerve ... Morty asked. “A-at Spanish, I mean.” I made a silent prayer of thanks for end that awkward pause. “I’m Mexican. I speak ...

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