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Born as Alicia Maree Malone in 1981 in Australia, Alicia celebrates her birthday on the 4th of September. She resided in Sydney for a while and moved to the United States in Los Angeles, California. At a young age, the TV show host developed a taste for films and picked out the movies at Friday night video store.

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Alicia Maree Malone is a Film Reporter, TV Host, Producer, Writer, Editor, and all around film geek. She developed her taste for film at a young age, spending many a heady Friday night pajama-clad at the video store, picking out her 7 films for 7 days for $7.

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Alicia Malone is a film reporter, broadcaster, historian, author and self-confessed movie geek, with almost two decades of experience working in television. She was born in Canberra, Australia, with a love of cinema… and horses.

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Alicia Malone is an Australian television personality, now based in the United States, is known for her film reporting, and hosting TV shows. She is recognized for her series Malone’s Movie Minute.

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The American film reporter, TV host, producer, writer, and editor Alicia Malone is well-known in the entertainment industry for her series ‘Malone’s Movie Minute.’ Alicia Malone: Birthday, Family, Facts Alicia was born in Australia on September 4, 1981, and grew up in Sydney. Malone moved to Los Angeles to seek a career in the glamour world.

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Alicia Malone is a film reporter, a major movie geek, author and a movie critic who hosts Turner Classic Movies and FilmStuck, Turner’s streaming provider for movie lovers. She is also a member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association.

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Alicia Malone Career Malone is an Australian film reporter, broadcaster, historian, author, and self-confessed movie geek, with almost two decades of experience working in television. n 2015, Alicia gave a TEDx talk about gender inequality in the film industry and why that needs to change.

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Somehow, you’ve made your way through the distraction filled rabbit-holes of the internet to find my little website. Welcome! This is the virtual home for me – Alicia Malone – an Aussie living her classic film dreams in Hollywood.

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Now we come to the absolutely bogus, “poser” Alicia Malone. She reads Cue cards (barely) worse than a news reader on the 4am news show in Poughkeepsie. Her knowledge of film is cursory. Her introductions are inane and amateurish at best She is a lightweight where heavyweights are needed.

Please Remove Alicia Malone as a Host of Turner Classic Movies; She Wants to salute a Racist? Fire Her! Yes

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Turner Classic Movies (TCM) is an American movie-oriented pay-TV network operated by Warner Bros. Entertainment, a subsidiary of AT&T’s WarnerMedia.Launched in 1994, TCM is headquartered at Turner’s Techwood broadcasting campus in the Midtown business district of Atlanta, Georgia.. The channel’s programming consists mainly of classic theatrically released feature films from the Turner …

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1  Alicia Malone’s Closet Picks
FilmStruck host Alicia Malone stopped by our closet earlier this summer to stock up on a few of her favorite films.
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