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New zealand largest potato

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1.New Zealand Couple Told Their Giant Record-Breaking Potato Is Not Actually a Potato at All

Colin Craig-Brown via AP Donna Craig-Brown and a potato named Doug A couple in New Zealand thought they had found the world’s largest potato, but DNA testing proved otherwise. After Colin and Donna Craig-Brown submitted a giant spud they discovered and subsequently named Doug to Guinness World Records,

Published Date: 2022-03-17T16:45:00.0000000Z

2.New Zealand couple who thought they had found world’s largest potato have dreams smashed

Guinness World of Records officials smashed the dreams of a New Zealand couple who believed they had dug up the world’s largest, heaviest potato. Colin Craig-Brown and his wife, Donna, thought they had found their record-breaking potato while gardening in their small farm near Hamilton,

Published Date: 2022-03-17T20:48:22.0000000Z

3.New zealand largest potato

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in New Zealand English. The origin of the word spud has erroneously been attributed to an 18th-century activist group dedicated to keeping the potato out…

2.New Zealand

(abalone), mussels, scallops, pipi and tuatua (types of New Zealand shellfish), kūmara (sweet potato), kiwifruit, tamarillo, and pavlova (considered a national…

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